Navigating the challenging terrain of Singapore’s taxi industry amidst rising fuel costs and demanding schedules can be daunting. At STRIDES Premier, we understand the aspirations of every driver behind the wheel and strive to make each day worthwhile. From affordable taxi rental schemes to accessible servicing locations, read on to find out how STRIDES Premier can make your job as a taxi driver in Singapore rewarding.

1. Wide Choice of Fleet and Taxi Rental Schemes

Taxi driver in Singapore - rental schemes

STRIDES Premier stands out as a top choice for taxi drivers in Singapore due to our extensive fleet options tailored to meet diverse preferences and requirements. Whether you opt for the iconic lime green MG5 Electric Taxi or the spacious Kia Niro Plus Hybrid Taxi, we have got you covered. Moreover, we offer some of the most competitive taxi rental rates in Singapore, starting at just S$88!

2. Drive the Green Fleet

Taxi driver in Singapore - green fleet

Being a taxi driver in Singapore is not just about cruising around town. You can do your part to champion environmental sustainability too. At STRIDES Premier, we are actively working towards converting our entire taxi fleet to green vehicles (hybrid and electric), allowing you to enjoy quieter drives and reduce carbon emissions.

3. Exclusive Fuel Discounts & Benefits

Taxi driver in Singapore - fuel discounts

At STRIDES Premier, we recognize the importance for taxi drivers in Singapore to maximize earnings. This is why we offer our drivers exclusive fuel discounts of over 30% as well as enticing sign-on and completion bonuses that can further bolster your profitability. Moreover, with our in-house petrol pumps, drivers enjoy even greater savings and convenience right at our facilities.

4. Multiple Servicing Locations Islandwide

Taxi driver in Singapore - - servicing locations

Convenience is paramount for taxi drivers in Singapore, which is why we’ve established multiple servicing locations islandwide such as in Changi and Woodlands. Staffed by seasoned professionals, our Automotive Services workshops deliver dependable vehicle maintenance, guaranteeing your vehicle’s peak performance.

5. Easy-to-Use Driver App

Taxi driver in Singapore - taxi driver app

Our intuitive Driver App is meticulously designed to optimize your earnings and streamline your workflow. By dedicating a minimum usage of just seven hours daily, you can secure over 13 jobs, empowering you to manage your schedule efficiently and carve out more personal time. Being a taxi driver in Singapore has never been easier!

Begin Your Journey as a Taxi Driver in Singapore with STRIDES Premier

From exclusive driver benefits to affordable taxi rental schemes, there’s no reason to say no to being a taxi driver in Singapore. Plus, with our recent first anniversary celebrations, now is the perfect moment to join us and expand our growing number of drivers. All that’s left is for you to apply for a Taxi Driver’s Vocational License (TDVL) in Singapore and fill in the driver interest form to commence your journey with STRIDES Premier today!